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The bottle has an original and unique conical shape and the model was patented in 1930. The design is both striking and timeless.

The origin of the bottle goes back to the beginning of the XXth century and was designed by Carlos Campeão, a pharmacist in Alcobaça who was also owner of the firm C. Campeão & Cª, founded in 1915. This company produced Cister Liqueurs which initially used this model for their drinks but later passed on the rights to Manuel de Sousa Ribeiro.

Traditionally, the bottle is wrapped in white silk paper as a tribute to the Cister Monks, who were also known as White Monks.

Watch the bottle manufacturing video:

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The Packaging for our product employs the rational use of resources, avoiding waste and superfluous materials. The main material for packaging is card, which a natural renewable resource. An environmentally sustainable choice.

Our packaging does not use glue, plastic or staples. They are assembled simply by folding the card and are 100% recyclable.
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