Sour cherries, also known as Morello cherries, are a species of the Prunus type, small and round and deep red in colour. They have a sweet-sour flavour and are normally used for industrial purposes to produce drinks and in cooking. In Portugal, they are mainly produced in the western region.


In 2001, the company started a pioneering project in Portugal with the planting of a cherry orchard using the Leaf on Stem variety of fruit. The fruit is grown using the integrated production method thus helping preserve bio-diversity while also respecting the environment.

The orchard also employs the drop-by-drop irrigation system with rationalized use of water.


In this project, we have brought together traditional knowledge for the planting of this fruit with the most recent techniques and knowledge resulting from constant research and technical support with the aim of obtaining superior quality fruit.


There is a single annual crop which is harvested at the end of June. However, the cherry trees are at their most beautiful when they are in blossom during the month of April.

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