M.S.R. Sour Cherry Liqueur first appeared in Alcobaça in the 1920s at the hands of Manuel de Sousa Ribeiro, (1894-1976). His complete name was: Manuel de Assis da Silva Daun and Lorena Guimarães Oliveira de Souza Ribeiro and he was born in Cedofeita, Porto, to a wealthy family which boasted its own coat of arms. He also studied and completed his higher education in England. On his return to Alcobaça it is known that in the 1920s he worked at the two most important agricultural firms in Alcobaça, in the section responsible for producing wines and brandies.

He became famous as a reputed specialist in wines, vinegars and brandies. With his knowledge and in a clear challenge to the traditional sour cherry liqueurs which were produced at the Monastery and proliferated Alcobaça, he set out to make the best Sour cherry liqueurs, developing a unique manufacturing formula which has remained unaltered to this day. He created M.S.R. Sour Cherry Liqueur which was copyrighted in 1930.

While working at the agricultural firm of Raposo de Magalhães, Manuel de Sousa Ribeiro, met David Pinto (1907-1985), a clerk who had a clear vision of the potential and quality of the sour cherry liqueur and acquired exclusive rights to the formula in the 1930s. He then went on to found David Pinto & Companhia, Lda. in 1940, which has since produced M.S.R. Sour Cherry Liqueur.


The founders of the firm David Pinto & Cia Lda, from left to right:

António Joaquim Moreira, David Pinto, Belo Marques da Silveira and the “official taster” Tomaz Marques.

After the death of David Pinto, it was his former colleague and partner, João Serafim (1927-2018), who had joined the company in 1953, who took up responsibility for production and continuing the project.


In 1999, the company David Pinto & Companhia, Lda changed ownership but maintained its character as a family enterprise and a new cycle in its long existence was started, allowing this exceptional product to remain on the market with the same quality as ever.
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