1st Advertising Poster (1920s)


Author: José Rodrigues Brusco Júnior (1876-1949), who was born in the district of Alcobaça and reached the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. He produced numerous designs and watercolours and was a gifted artist who had an original and humorous way of seeing people and animals, especially horses.

2nd Advertising Poster (1951)

Cartaz Ginja MSR 1951

Author: Poster printed in January of 1951 (1000 copies) in Lithography Progresso in Porto, Author unknown.

3rd Advertising Poster (2007)

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Author: José Aurélio (1938), Sculptor, born in Alcobaça, founder of Armazém das Artes-Fundação Cultural, based in Alcobaça

4th Advertising Poster (2009)

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Author: Velcro Design + Vasco Gomes
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