M.S.R. Sour Cherry Liqueur, also known as Portuguese Ginjinha, is produced in Alcobaça by a traditional crafts process using only the best quality, fresh Sour Cherries of the Leaf on Stem variety. The cherries are hand-picked in the western region of Portugal, more specifically in the old Cistercian area of land, which has unique edaphoclimatic conditions with temperate and humid weather due to the influence of the nearby sea.

This Liqueur has extraordinary quality and brings together the age old tradition of the Cister monks with the exceptionally good fruit which grows in the Alcobaça region. It is totally natural and does not contain any colouring or artificial preservatives.

The Sour cherry liqueur has an intense aroma and flavour, a ruby colour and velvety touch. M.S.R. Sour Cherry Liqueur can be enjoyed in many different ways. As a digestive at the end of a good meal, or it can be used as an ingredient when cooking and in cocktails.

M.S.R. Sour Cherry Liqueur is famous throughout the region and enjoyed by Portuguese and foreign visitors to the Santa Maria Monastery in Alcobaça, a world heritage site.
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